"[He] put his hand in-between my underwear and my skin, and did a 306, touching certain sensitive parts in the front and the back"‎.

So, you wanna stroke my labia, squeeze my ass, and honk my tits, along with putting your hand down my pants/skirt? If ANY of these things happened anywhere other than an airport, I'd be kneeing someone in the groin, running, and calling 911.

This is an EXCELLENT collection of links to accounts with the new TSA regulations, as well as generally good commentary on the situation. Not to mention brings up some important issues with the scanners AND pat-downs in regards to trans-folk. Worth a read. It's triggery, I will be up front with that. Read it, if you can.

WARNING: Post may be triggery for individuals with issues surrounding invasion of privacy, or survivors of sexual assault.

Hi. I am (as far as my legal documentation is concerned, at least) a human being. As a human being, I have some basic rights, declared by an international authority. As an American citizen, I also have some basic rights declared by my federal government.

Specifically, I’d like to draw attention to the following:
“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 3

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”
- Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 12

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
- Amendment IV of the United States Constitution

In short, I have the right to basic security and privacy of my person (save in the case of probable cause) and to not be unreasonably searched nor subjected to degrading or cruel treatment.

I point this out because beginning October 29th, the TSA began rolling out a new screening process that involves “enhanced pat-downs” — or frisking which includes contact with the face, genitals, and chest — for individuals who opt out of being screened by full-body scanners, which give the TSA an image of the individual’s naked body.

That is, if one chooses to travel, one must show the TSA their entire naked body in a format which has already been abused and may affect your health, or opt out of that and let them pat down or squeeze your genitals, breasts (if you have them), and whatever other parts of your body they wish as a matter of course.

Personal accounts and the rest of the post, behind a cut due to possible triggersCollapse )

All apologies

  • September 17., 2010 at 1:56 PM
If I have offended any of you, in any way, shape, manner, or form, real or imagined, then I apologize and beg forgiveness. If I have done anything to hurt, demean, or otherwise injure you, I apologize and beg forgiveness. If I have done or said over the past year that has upset, or otherwise bothered you, I sincerely apologize, and will do my best to ensure it won't happen again.

If you have done something in the above categories, don't worry. I know it wasn't intentional, and I would accept any apology you would make.

Comments are being screened, and will remain as such indefinately. If you feel I have done any of the above towards you, feel free to let me know. I ask that you let me know in fact, so that I can work my hardest to ensure it will not be repeated. Likewise, I also welcome general suggestions toward the betterment of my character and person, as there are often things which are difficult to be seen from within, things that you as my friends are far more aware of than I, please let me know what they are.

This. Thank You.

  • August 28., 2010 at 6:39 PM
LJ has a new profile page. Some people like it, some people are ambivalent, and some people hate it. Following many months of beta testing (in which I took part, and which was announced in a lj-news post and open to all users) the new profile recently went live.

During beta testing many suggestions which were made by users were taken into account and applied to the profile page.

Upon the release of the new profile page, immediately people starting screaming and wailing. LJ-design opened up a post for people to specify what they had issue with. The comments primarily consisted of non-constructive comments, many of which claiming that the majority of LJ users were against this as evidenced by the copious amount of comments. There were a few comments which specified issues and were quite constructive and I suspect useful to the designers.

I strongly suspect that a lot of the dislike of the new layout is the newness and change. People don't generally like change.

A common complaint I saw in the various comments against the profile was that the journal stats were "now public". Journal stats of most recent activity, post count, tags, etc. was always public and easily accessible- it's just now grouped with other journal stat and action links (which makes a lot more sense to me).

Another complaint was the use of the horizontal rules. While I can see these being somewhat aesthetically displeasing on profile pages with the minimum of content, on profiles consisting of a larger bio area, a large interests field, and a large friends field, in my opinion it really breaks the content up into a much easier to view section.

People also were complaining that their profile no longer allowed them to differentiate themselves from everyone else. I find this befuddling- isn't that what the bio area and the entirety of your journal for? Having common layout and appearance for bio pages makes sense from a navigational standpoint. Your journal is where you shine and pour in your personality.

I personally find the edit links quite handy, rather than hoop jumping link to link to link to edit a section of my profile.

While I can understand people being upset I feel like this kneejerk reaction of railing against LJ and threatening them with the great flounce off is a little overkill. If you are honestly that concerned about the design and layout aspects of common LJ pages why not take place in the beta testing? I was shocked how few people actually took part. LJ also simply needs some time to figure out the best way to approach this, if it should be approached at all.

As of today, 1,880,805 active accounts exist on LiveJournal. If every comment on the lj-design post about the profile update were a unique user it would calculate to approximately .25% of active users who had issues with the new design. If I go so far as to take the number of comments as of this morning, prior to a few comments of my own with these numbers, into the number of accounts which have updated in the past 24 hours (172763 accounts) I still only get 2.7%.

While every user is important, from a business standpoint this is well within reasonable operating perameters. Those who are jumping up and down claiming that the majority of users hate this as evidenced by comments simply don't understand the true size of LJ.

My mind is getting fuzzy again from my cold... more to come on this later...

Vote for my blog, please

  • März 15., 2008 at 11:46 PM
Eat your veggies!
So- there's one month left for the preliminary voting on Mouse and Trowel.

I'd LOVE to snag the "best new" slot.

If you have a second- please drop a vote for me. It would mean ever so much to me.

If you don't know- my gardening blog is Sweet Vitriol {the garden chronicles}. I port the posts over here to LJ under a special filter- if you're not on the filter and want to be feel free to ask, and I'll probably add you.

You can vote here:

Pet food recall

  • März 17., 2007 at 1:50 PM
what becomes a legend most?
A major pet foods manufacturer is recalling all of its dog and cat foods produced at a facility in Emporia in the past three months.

Canadian company Menu Foods said the recall of its ``cuts and gravy'' style foods was prompted by consumer complaints and tasting trials conducted by the manufacturer.

The company said an unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure and about ten died after eating the affected pet food. Product testing has not revealed a link explaining the reported cases of illness and death.

The products are packaged in cans and pouches under numerous brand names and are marketed nationwide by many pet food retailers including Kroger Company, Wal-Mart and PetSmart.

A list of potentially contaminated products can be found at

cat food brands recalledCollapse )
dog foods recalledCollapse )

How BPAL lost my business today

  • August 2., 2006 at 10:03 PM
I'm just an ugly girl
BPAL (black phoenix alchemy lab) makes the perfumes I like.

Today, they lost my business. I posted a few days ago about a price hike which was happening. The direct quote from the announcement is:

"We have done our best to make this as painless as possible. To that end, the following changes to oil prices are in effect as of the inception of Carnaval Diabolique on August 3rd, 2006"

Note that a date is given, the date which is tomorrow, not today.

The update went live today. The prices went up today. The update went up approximately 6 hours early. Upon seeing this, and questioning the price change and citing the above, the response I recieved from the owner of BPAL was:

"Here's the deal. As most of you know, updates usually go live around midnight PST. I have been awake until 4.30am for three nights in a row, and have been getting up at 8am. I'm overworked, very tired, and wanted to get the update live while I was still coherent. This is not some nefarious trick engineered to wheedle $2.50 more out of the masses. The update went live roughly 6 hours early. Not a week, not a day. I apologize if this is upsetting to some people, but my eyes hurt, I need some rest, and there is pretty much zero chance that I am physically capable of staying up til midnight.

I hope everyone enjoys the update as much as we enjoyed putting it together. I'm going to hop into the tub and try to slap myself awake."

So, I can no longer afford BPAL, and I am no longer able to order the couple bottles I was going to get, so as to have full bottles of scents which I recently sampled.

Thanks BPAL, it's been fun, but I don't do business with people who can't keep their word. That's bad business.

Oh, and after my and other people bringing this up in the thread on their forum (albeit run by third-party folk) about the aformentioned update, our complaints were moved to the "hijack this! the completely off-topic thread" thread. Thanks for the double slap in the face. It seems people are split- 2/3 on the side of "WHEE! New things, new prices early? eh- NEW THINGS EARLY!" and 1/3 on my side of "uhh, bad business much?".


what becomes a legend most?
Marty Greene
String breaking... delirium... unconsciousness... nicotine stains... obscure german... situationalist... bands... professional daydreaming... funny clothes... musical delinquency... terrorism & feathers

The unauthorized or authorized reproduction of civilizations based on fear, greed & pain are prohibited by nature & time & are subject to dramatic collapsing, breakdowns, upheavals, revolutions & natural catastrophes.

Thanks to everyone involved in giving life to this pipe dream idea. 'boundaries' is just a word like 'jaded' or 'impossible'. Old words. First star to the right, straight on till morning...

They can't take away gravity. Can’t extinguish fire. Can't change time's addiction to turning the tide. Cannot stop the wind. Can't build glass castles forever. Grey skies ahead for the great empire, all the floodgates break & life rises up like a wave to reject more bitter tomorrows. Jump ship. Learn to swim. Jump off the cliff. It may come as a tidal wave to wash it all away, or as an unspeakable war, cities all burning, or maybe just the ground will open up to recalling all of it that has been made a mockery. Life is not submissive, its justice is not slow. We are impatient. We are yearning. I understand. We are damned, we are blessed. We have lost so many. Dance of time is calculated chaos. Vengeful &loving, simultaneously. And to actually feel alive, always, in short bursts or even just one is to dance & taste it's marrow in homage.

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